Corporate Services

Forensic Recovery provides the corporate community the opportunity to obtain a non-intrusive, non-destructive computer forensic examination of computer systems and related media identified as the result of an internal, administrative corporate investigation.

  • Professional Computer Forensic Capabilities
  • Identification of Internal Security Issues
  • Expert Criminal and Civil Testimony

With twenty-three years of investigative experience and seventeen years dedicated specifically to the computer forensic process, FORENSIC RECOVERY offers the corporate community assistance with all aspects of investigative and computer forensic needs.

Our Corporate Associates have the opportunity to receive an unbiased, third-party review and analysis of corporate investigations, leading to the identification of potential problem areas specific to online security issues, including administrative, civil and criminal litigation.

The computer forensic process is the collection, preservation, analysis, and court presentation of electronic evidence. The proper collection and analysis of computer evidence is critical in all criminal, civil and corporate administrative investigations. As each forensic examination is unique, a time projection to complete the analysis is difficult to establish. The particular amount of time it takes to conduct the forensic examination will vary from case to case.

Therefore, the cost incurred by the Client will be based on a Per-Hour Fee of $250.00 US for computer forensic processes, court-related matters and other administrative requests.

There are situations where a Fixed-Fee contract is appropriate. Please contact us to discuss what arrangements best meet your needs.